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Social Responsibility

The founding purpose of Bilintur is to contribute to Bilkent University both financially and morally in the long run. Thus, we can easily say that even at its establishment lies a big social responsibility project. Today we take great pride on providing Bilkent University with hundreds of scholarships under many different titles.


We determine our understanding of social responsibility and our priorities by what is best for society and environment into account.We give utmost importance to taking a leading role in democracy, human rights, andenvironmental protection activities.


Our basic values on social responsibility implementations:

  • We give utmost importance to carrying out our social responsibilities towards the society, environmental responsibilities against our physical geography,  in a harmonious cooperation with our affiliates,employees, public and civil society organizations.
  • We are committed to provide a work environment which is honest, fair, safe, healthy and not discrimantory.
  • We give great importance to creating a positive, harmonious working environment which is supportive of cooperation.
  • Weencourage our employees within the framework of corporate social responsibilityto be volunteerson  appropriate social and community activities.
  • We use environmentally-friendly technologies, and provide support to any initiative that will help their development and spread, to increase environmental awareness .
  • We give great importance to International certification.
  • We act  sensitively to our country’s traditions and culture.
  • We act in accordance with legal regulations.
  • We give utmost importance to developing certain standards for our suppliers and business partners to demonstrate sensitivity to implementation of social responsibilitiesand to have the approaches that we have.