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Company Profile

Bilintur; Bilkent Tourism Construction Investment and Trading Company was established in 1988.


Aim of the establisment is, to support academic researches and publications, make contributions for the cultural and artistic events along with generating funds for development of the university.


Foundations of  Bilkent Holding Co. Inc. and its related companies were laid  by Hacettepe University Foundations  which were also established by Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı in 1969. When Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı first established the Bilkent University in 1984, Bilkent Holding Co. Inc. and its related companies were transfered to the University. Today, companies operating under the umbrella of Bilkent Holding Co. Inc. are all owned by Bilkent University. 


Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center-Ankara which was opened in 1990, is the first of group of companies for Bilintur Group. After that, in 1993 Bilintur Catering Center followed Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center. Bilkent Kültür Girişimi-Bilkent Cultural Initative(BKG) was established as a new member of the Bilintur Group in 2009.


Offering varieties with a comtemporary style to our customers in tourism and hotel management, food and beverage and in cultural aspects is the main principle of Bilintur for establishing quality services.